IPM Tests

Here at Grow Op Farms and Phat N Sticky we use only approved PICOL listed products and follow strict standard operating procedures as it pertains to integrated pest management (IPM) during the grow process. View the entire list.

All of our grow rooms are flushed for a full 14-21 days and independently pesticide tested. Trace Analytics and/or Confidence Analytics staff comes in and hand selects random live samples out of the grow rooms for these tests prior to harvest. In the three years we have had this SOP in place we have never failed a test, and are proud to boast all of our products are pesticide free.

We make it our priority to ensure that you are receiving the best quality and safest products on the market by being the only company in the state that tests all material in our facility whether grown in house or procured by Dabstract or Snickle Fritz.